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Air Products` Integra® cylinder was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of today`s welding industry. Integra® is up to 23% lighter and 33% smaller, making it more stable than traditional 50 litre cylinders but retaining a similar capacity.

A built-in pressure regulator, quick-connect system - complete with a range of flow control options - and a live contents gauge, make for safer and easier operation, while also offering better reliability.

The Maxx™ gases range

As well as the benefits of the Integra® cylinder, a unique range of shielding gases has been developed to provide improved productivity, fewer welding rejects and a better working environment.  

The Maxx™ gases range comprises:
•   Ferromaxx® - for faster, cleaner welding of carbon steel
•   Inomaxx® - maximum performance for welding stainless steel

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We also sell a full range of welding consumables, regulators and MIG and TIG welders at very competitive prices.

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