OUTSIDE LIVING - BBQs Portable and Patio Gas Heaters

Gas fired BBQs, outdoor gas heaters and patio heaters
for domestic use including patios and for commercial use.

Lpggasbottles have a wide range of gas bbq’s ranging from 2-burner flatbeds to 7-burner Connoisseur with or without hoods.

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LPG Gas Bottles has an excellent stock of outdoor gas BBQs. The various different types of gas barbeques that we provide include gas hooded Barbecues, flat bed Barbecues, gas folding Barbecues, outback barbecues, tabletop barbecues, lifestyle barbecues, camping barbecues, mini gas Barbecues, Stainless Steel Barbecues, Portable Gas Barbecue and Aurora 2-Burner Hooded Gas BBQ.

The sleek traditional gas Barbecues come with a strong metal and FSC wooden trolley. The Aurora 2 burner BBQ has two fitted integral spark ignitions along with two stainless steel burners. The Ezi Build 2 burner gas barbecue is perfect for the gardens where there is less space. It is well equipped with a side shelf which is perfect for preparing the food while the tool hooks are handy for the tools to keep your barbecue clean and tidy.

There are ones with large cooking areas for the bigger get togethers and ones that feature a traditional wooden trolley look which are also worth the price.

All the options available from us are great value for money and easy to use without mess. There are plenty of sizes available, so that you can choose the perfect piece depending upon where you are planning to use it. Browse through the categories and have a look at the range of gas barbecues available with us.