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Installation and Refills of Bulk Gas & Cylinders for the House and Central Heating

Even if you are not on a mains gas supply you too can enjoy the benefits of gas fired heating and cooking.

Just use our Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) gas cylinders or our bulk storage tank.

With a track record that stretches over 25 years, we are the ideal choice for all your LPG requirements. As a leading supplier to households through out Sussex and Surrey our wealth of experience and resources guarantees a level of service that any homeowner can depend on.

With a flexible delivery service and a choice of payment options, we can tailor an energy package to suit your individual needs whether that be in cylinder or bulk gas supply.

Bulk LPG in a Special Storage Tank.


Bulk LPG can be stored neatly and conveniently in a special storage tank. These storage tanks can be installed quickly and easily with minimum fuss. Alternatively our storage tanks can be buried under ground, completely hidden from view, with only a small inspection hatch visible. The LPG storage tank can be topped up by our gas tankers. Every property has different needs, however we can establish your needs and match them to a solution.

Gas Cylinder Installations

In some cases, where supply volumes dictate or where there is limited space, our cylinders provide the perfect alternative fuel solution. For example our 4 x 47kg gas cylinders provide a compact alternative. When one pair is empty, the changeover valve automatically switches to the second pair. We provide a delivery and connection service

Gas Refill Service

What we offer all of our domestic bulk customers an automated delivery system to ensure that you will always receive your LPG delivery just when you need it. We predict when you need LPG and will fill your tank, so that you never need to worry. All we ask is that you notify us if your LPG consumption changes.

Installation Considerations For Gas Cylinders

Cylinders must be sited upright against an outside wall on a firm, level base (approximately 1800mm x 460mm x 50mm) in a well-ventilated location.... not in cellars, basements or sunken areas.
The cylinders must be a minimum of 1 metre horizontally, and 0.3 metres vertically, from doors, windows, ventilation ducts, flue terminals and all potential sources of ignition.
The cylinders must be a minimum of 2 metres from untrapped drains, unsealed gullies or cellar openings, unless separated by a 250mm high wall.
The cylinders must be a minimum of 3 metres from any corrosive, toxic or oxidising materials unless separated by a fire resistant barrier.
Main considerations are the safety of the location and easy access to permit cylinder replacement. Additionally, flammable material (such as grass, sheds and fences) must not be allowed near the gas cylinders. However, provided that free ventilation is not impaired around the cylinders, a nearby arrangement of flowers, shrubs or slatted screens may be acceptable.

The Installation

We help you decide on an appropriate gas solution (tank or cylinders, location etc) and we suggest an approved installer who will install the automatic changeover valve. We supply the gas and you arrange for the internal piping of the gas to your appliances.

Contact us for your gas central heating and cooking requirements.